We Dare to Dream

Greenhood Organic Farm is a part of our commitment to creative regional development and fulfilling sustainable opportunities for farmers.

Join the Southern Light Growers group and be part of this unique network, replacing imports of dried herbs for teas, medicinal and culinary uses. We are passionate in ensuring quality organic food and herb production remains accessible to local consumers.

Our vision draws from lessons and successes from over 25 years in Southern Light Herbs, our relationships with our consumers and the 100’s of herb growers and farmers with whom we have been associated. Our niche industry is dependable and profitable with excellent room for growth.

Greenhood Organic Farms promise a great lifestyle and a coherent business model. Build your eco-friendly home and a viable agri-business showing strong capital growth and goodwill.

With time and energy a committed group could offer visitors an extraordinary farm stay and educational experience. Spring and summer are our busiest times in the herb garden and will coincide well with when guest would like to travel down the coast and stay at the farm. It will also be very attractive to WWOOFers who may like to come and share in the farm activities. Many hands make light work.

With eight working farms within the precinct, landholders will be able to learn from each other’s trials and experiences, providing Greenhood Organic Farms the opportunity to become an important contributor to innovations and positive advancements in our industry.