For Sale

Although the eight properties share many features and resources, they are also quite varied with their own outlooks and individual qualities. Each has a different balance of high and low land, creek frontage, wet lands and dams. The home sites have been carefully located to maximize privacy, while making the most of the sweeping views. Some have an intrinsic link to the quiet environmental aspects of the land, while others feel primed for production. Come and view each allotment and see which one fits your future.


Arrange a time to come and visit.

To make an appointment to come and visit the farm , please email us on or phone on 0429 808 636. We look forward to showing you the farm, talking about the concept and discussing any of your questions.  Feel welcome to bring the whole family, there is plenty of space to run around.  


All Allotments feature.

1) Individual title (zoned RZ2) permits to build a home and rural business.

2) Environmental Management Plan helps ensure all lands are well managed.

3) Optional business plan, training and mentorship to grow herbs under contract to Southern Light Herbs.

4) Entrances and driveways built to service home sites.

5) Power / water (irrigation) connected at common property and/or allotment boundary.

6) Boundaries – fully fenced.

7) Irrigation storage dams and/or wetlands. Two ML irrigation water allocation.

8) All lots of Greenhood Organic Farms are certified with Australian Certified Organic. A.C.O

9) Lots have been designed to have a good balance of upper and lower terrace soils.

10) Natural vegetation on individual lots is well complimented by substantial riparian and revegetation areas within the common property.


Sales method

Allotments are offered via private sale. Our asking prices are based on features, assets and land capability.

Sales documents will be available for viewing  by request.   


Likely time frame

You the buyer will determine the process which best suit your family. You can choose to enjoy the features and potential of your farm in your own way, or take part in the dried herb production concept. All people work in different ways however we foresee for those taking part in herb growing, the following time frames seem achievable goals.

1-2 years

* Build homes and farm infrastructure.

* Expand herb gardens from trial plots to target production as peoples knowledge, confidence and capacity develop.

*establish propagation nursery.

3-5 years

* Centralized drying and processing facility, depending on combined production.

*Contractor available with mechanized equipment to help fulfill major tasks of soil preparation, planting, weeding and harvesting for the whole group.

* Open farms to connect to the organic and natural medicine community as a place of learning and sharing of traditional organic herb practices, wellness and food production.


*The farm will aim to grow herbs on contract to supply Southern Light Herbs national sales requirements.

*Grow fresh produce for the local community and Great Ocean Road speciality stores and cafes.

*Alternative small scale organic production.