For Sale – Eight exceptional organic allotments

We have an exciting project we would like to share with you. We envisage a patchwork of activity and colours, meadows of herbs, abundant veggies, lush pastures and eight families developing their own organic farming enterprises.

The aim behind Greenhood Organic Farms is to provide its landholders every reason to enjoy a successful horticultural rural lifestyle, while farming sustainably and actively respecting and improving the natural environment. By grouping these farms, there will be many benefits of mutual learning, reduced costs and providing access to a broad range of equipment. Technical advice and mentoring will be available to enable this opportunity to be open to everyone.

Timboon is one of Victoria’s hidden gems. It provides a relaxed rural living atmosphere, set among rolling green hillsides, with abundant natural bushlands and only a stones thrown from Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road. We chose Timboon carefully for its mild climate, fertile soils and high rainfall. Although the district is now mainly dairy, its history is steeped in other pursuits such as sheep grazing and various types of horticulture, including potatoes, onions and even prize winning Hops, grown between 1893-1902.

Timboon boasts renowned market brands such as Timboon L’Artisan Cheese, Schulz Organic Dairy, Timboon Fine Ice-cream, Timboon Railshed Distillery and Timboon Berry World.

Greenhood Organic Farms is a certified organic farm and exceptional opportunity to become involved in organic farming and be part of one of Australia’s fastest growing food and natural health sectors. Michael and Natalie bring a unique organic growing opportunity to the project, they will offer a training and mentorship program to buyers attracted to the concept of becoming herb growers and producing dried herbs for Southern Light Herbs. It will provide a practical means to find out more about organic management systems, whilst learning about dried herbs and earning an income from their production.

To learn more about the process of organic certification visit Australian Certified Organic’s website.

Ultimately this project could lead to the most innovative organic medicinal herb farm in Australia. With income prospects from education, tourism and value added food products.