Q: Why Greenhood Organic Farms?

A: The farm has a wonderful dense stand of Wooley Tea Tree growing along its creeks. This type of vegetation is classified as endangered and needs protection. Scattered below the canopy grows the tiny but beautiful (threatened species) Swamp Greenhood Orchid. By fencing the riparian zone away from grazing pressure and managing the common property with the advice of Landcare and Land for Wildlife, we hope this environment will be extended and secure for the years to come.

Q: Can I build a home on the land?

A: Yes. Building allotments have been identified which comply with shire and CFA requirements. These sites also take best advantage of the natural features of each block to maximize views and rural serenity.

Q: Do I have to become a herb grower?

A: No. Our aim is to create a community of organic horticultural producers. If you chose herbs, it will simple give you unique access to our grower’s network, additional support and training, propagation material and contracts for your herbal produce.

Q: I have no experience. Is this suitable for me?

A: Yes; enthusiasm and an interest in growing plants are the important first ingredients. Herb farming does require a good general level of physical fitness. However tasks can be made less demanding by the right crop selections and embracing appropriate harvesting, cultivating and processing techniques and equipment.

Q: How much money will I make, if I choose to grow herbs?

A: There are literally 100’s of herb varieties to consider growing; all have different cash flow profiles. A rough rule of thumb for Southern Light Herb growers is an income of $40,000/ha across a mix of 10 herb varieties.

Q: What will be the Owners Corporate annual cost?

A: In 2014 and 2015 the fee is estimated to be $475 per block per year. Beyond this the fee will be determined by   the level of service the owners  require. The O.C’s main expenses will be the water licence, organic certification, road maintenance, power to common areas, public liability, and maintenance of the main irrigation pump.

Q: What is an Environmental management plan (E.M.P)?

A: Basically an E.M.P is a response to the Shire council’s requirement under DPO5 for small rural holdings, registered on your title as a section 173 agreement. It is a common sense set of guidelines for good rural land management.  The E.M.P forms part of the vendors statement ( section 32). An electronic copy is available for viewing upon request.

Q: Which herb will grow in Timboon?

A: Timboon’s climate, rainfall and soils will suit a large and diverse range of herbs. We would suggest the initial crops would be the high demand herbs teas such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Dandelion, Rosehips and Elder.  Each grower’s garden will extend overtime, developing its own individual herb mix as people design their crops around their time availabilities, equipment, income requirements and personal preferences.

Q: When will the sales documents be available?

A: Purchase documents are available for viewing by contacting us to request either a hard copy to be posted to you or an electronic copy emailed.

Q: When can I attend a herb growing workshop?

A: We will be holding an introduction to commercial herb growing workshop on Sunday the 28th of September. To register your interest to attend, please contact us on 03 5475 2763 or info@greenhoodorganicfarms.com.au. There will also be further workshops for those interested in Greenhood Organic Farms to be held in Spring.